How to Reserve Computers for Instructional Use

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What Technology Can You Reserve

Computer Lab (24 stations equipped with smartboard)
Priority to projects that need 24 spaces and to projects outlined in tech integration plan)

Computer Lab Mobile Cart - 8 laptops with access point.
Add this cart to your 4 classroom computers to give you 12 available units. Great solution for paired learning. (See Tech Integration Specialist to reserve these)

Portable Units. We have 3 rolling carts equipped with four desktops. Good solution for learning projects that could benefit from having 4 more computers in your classroom over a period of time. Will require some classroom redesign. Tech Integration specialist can help with this. This is not a good solution for short mobile sessions. (i.e. if you are going a 3 week unit on Canada that will be particularly technology rich, this would work great). (See Tech Integration Specialist to reserve these)

Grade Level Mobile Carts Grades 5-6. Eight laptops with access point. Available to Grade levels 5-6.
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How to Reserve Computer Lab
We have configured the tech resources in our school for more flexible availability. Here are some of the resources available and guidelines for reserving them. If a resource does not appear to be available to you when you need it most, try a different time. If that does not work, please contact the Tech Integration Specialist, who will work with heavy users on creating temporary alternative arrangements so that the resources can be available to meet as many instructional goals as possible. Priorities are also assigned to meet the tech integration action plan.