Master Keyboarders Club

For all students who have completed the first 14 lessons of Type to Learn or can type the alphabet without looking.
Once you can type the alphabet without looking there are several things you can do to build speed and accuracy. This page will include some Drills and Routines you can use along with a worksheet for recording progress .

Drill 1 - ABC Game

  1. Open Typing Folder
  2. Click on Free Typing Test
  3. Enter your name
  4. Pick Warm Up Games
  5. Do START ABC game (2 times before putting on Key Guide)
    Record your Scores and Time (3 times) on a piece of scrap paper.
    Record your Best Score and Time on the Game RECORD sheet.
  7. Try the START ABC game again, but this time, do Z..A
  8. Try the Bubble Game (but change it to a..z)
    Your goal is to be able to do the bubble game without looking.
    Student often go back to looking at this one. The goal is to NOT look at your keys. If this game makes you go back to LOOKING at your keys, then you should NOT practice this game. It will make you look back.
You can try practicing the Bubble Game at home at (but don’t peek)

Drill 2 - 1 minute Typing Test

Go to
1. Click on Typing Test
2. You can change the Test TEXT – I think Wonderful Wizard of OZ is the easiest.
3. Click on the BEGIN button in the right side. Start typing.
Type the words in blue. If you mess up it’s okay, just look for the word in blue and continue with that word.
The test will last 1 minute.
4. Record your scores on the Keyboarding Masters – Drill 2 Recording Sheet
  • Net Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Gross Speed
5. Print certificate and keep your results in your folder.
Do this a couple of times a day.
If you get a better Gross Speed, print out that result and add that one to your folder.

Drill 3 Alphabetic Sentences

Print out this practice sheet. It contains 10 sentences that use every letter of the alphabet.
Select one of these sentences (I suggest starting with number 6)
Open up a Notepad on your computer.
Pick one alphabetic sentence and type the sentence over and over until you can do it quickly without looking.
Stick with only one sentence per day. You can pick a different sentence each day if you want.

When you are done for the day you can File Exit. You do NOT need to save. You can print them if you want or if your teacher tells you to.
The goal is to get faster without looking. If you want you can put the date you practiced each sentence next to your paper. Try a new sentence on a each day.

Drill 4 Online Typing Games

Here are a few online computer games you can play to help you get better.
These games should ONLY be played AFTER you can do the alphabet without looking.
Do not play these games if they make you look at your keys to go faster. This will make it harder not easier for you in the long run.