Grade 4 - Keyboarding - Teacher Notes

Student - PreAssessment
  • Take a class list and find out who your students had for keyboarding last year.
  • Use Teacher Notes to
    • (a) Set Up your New Class for the Year and
    • (b) Move students from their 3rd grade teacher to your New Class
    • (3) Add new Students to this school
    • Change any settings (i.e. get rid of dictations lessons)
    • Print an inititial Progress Report as a benchmark to where your class started
  • Lesson 1
    • Review Logon Procedures for Computers
      • Have Students Log on
      • Get New Accounts for New Students
    • Review Technique
    • Open Type to Learn Folder (Turn down sound)
    • Have students Play and Practice (not logon to system yet) and Experiment with Lesson 4 & 5 on Play and Practice
    • Focus on Technique (walk around and help students focus on Technique)
  • Lesson 2
    • By This Lesson teacher should have all students moved into correct class on Type to Learn
    • (if not, then work with Technique and Play and Practice one more day)
    • Focus on Technique. Try to Figure out which students might need to be set back a few lessons
      Use Class List and Progress Report (Mission Summary) See Pre Assessment
  • Lesson 3 +
    • Students should log into Type to Learn on Their Account and start working through Lessons
    • Teacher should adjust lessons depending on student technique
    • Use KeyGuides (as challenges and rewards - not punishment)
    • If a Student is done all 14 Lessons have them practice for the first 3 days. They can use PLAY and PRACTICE.
  • After Lesson 14.
    • Make sure the students are indeed comfortable with typing without looking using correct technique.
    • Have them use the "notebook" to type up spelling words, or other assignments.
    • Add their name to the "Keyboard Masters" chart in your room. Then have them click on Keyboard Masters on the main page or here, and work through daily and weekly Drills and Routines to get better. I would suggest having a Keyboarding Folder.
      Use whatever system works best in your class to help them improve.
    • Students will finish at different pace. You might want to set up a 4 Teams using the first four people who finish as Team Captains. This way you can set up some tournaments during the year creating some activities where these 4 teams compete. They can be assigned each to one of the computers in your room. The captains job is to show the other students that finish the ropes (re drill and routines from the Masters Keyboarders Club) to their team members can continue to improve. Your tech integration specialist might be willing to set up some of this tournament play also. It does not have to be competetive, it can be collaborative in nature (i.e. when our whole team can type the alphabet without looking at 10wpm, we get a team reward).